European Communications Network

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The Intertelecom brand operates in Europe since 2001 in the field of direct marketing employing different 1-to-1 technologies and strategies depending on the target audience.  

Intertelecom is now based in Malta. It working mainly for the Italian territory, but also operate in countries like United Kingodom, France and Germany.

Call Centre Network

call center

The Call Center Network is the strongest point for all marketing strategies directed by the company which operates through more than 700 active stations located mainly in Italy, Albania and Romania, but also in other European Country for many companies that use the services of Call Center and customized strategies of lead generation and CRM automation.


  • Toll Free Numbers Management.
  • Telemarketing Appointments for sales agents Services.
  • Surveys and Recall Service.
  • Telephone Map of local companies.
  • Strategic DEM (Direct Email Marketing) + Recall Service.